There are so many different lubes out there it is really hard to determine which ones are worth getting. Recently  KY came our with a His and Hers product that was marketed exceptionally well. Other than the fact that the product is bunk. The idea is great but it is part of the reason that there are so many lubes
on the market today. Not every man likes the same thing nor does every woman. Some like warming others like more wetness. Its all in ones personal preference. That is not to say that some people might like his and hers just that  it might not work for every man and woman.
There are two kinds of lubes: intercourse lubes and foreplay lubes.
Intercourse lubes are typically designed for practical purposes of decreasing friction during intercourse. The two different intercourse lubes are water based and silicone based. Water based is much more natural but does not last as long a silicone based lubes. Each lube is a personal preference so experiment and when you find one that works hold on to it. I will say this, that if you find you like a specific lube thats water based, other water based lubes will be very similar if you are in a pinch.
Foreplay Lubes are those yummy flavored lube that are so fun to play with. The most important thing is that these typically should not be used during intercourse. They have a lot of sugars and are typically sticky so that they do not aid in intercourse. Also any oil based lube is not compatible with latex so be very careful with oil based lubes and condoms. Water and Silicone Based lubes are both compatible with latex
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